HUGE Hail Stones!

Last night, there were several areas in central North Carolina who were hit with major thunderstorms. The hail that came down with theses storms was gigantic. Some reports said the hail stones were about the size of a golf ball, where others reported some as large as baseballs! The photo below was submitted to ABC11’s website by an eyewitness viewer.


The lightning and hail from these storms was quite the show. ABC11 Meteorologist Don “Big Weather” Schwenneker said there were over 1,000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the Cumberland and Harnett county areas around 6:00 a.m. this morning.

We will expect to see more storms tonight into tomorrow. Friday is shaping up to have some severe storms, too!

Click here to read more about these storms and see pictures of the dangerous hail that was reported.

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