Time for an update!

So, there have been a lot of things going on lately that have been keeping me extremely busy and unable to post, and a lack of any unique weather scenarios. With that said, I thought I would bring my audience up to date on my life and let you know where I stand today. (Side note: I apologize for the strange spacing in this post. I tried fixing it, but not sure why it won’t adjust!)

Before I get into details on updates, I wanted to mention that it has now been one year since we lost our dog, Toby. He was taken from us too soon due to a rare medical condition. In lieu of March Madness approaching us, I’m sharing this photo of him in his Syracuse gear. He always had fun cheering on our favorite teams with us! We miss him every single day, and we can’t wait to see him again.


Speaking of March Madness, Selection Sunday is today! My alma mater, St. Bonaventure, had a great basketball season — both men and women. The men lost to Davidson on Friday in the A10 conference tournament, but they should still be able to get a decent seed in the big dance. We found out about the women’s team on Monday. I can’t wait to watch; it’s my favorite time of the year!

Here are my updates:

  1. Surgery. Last month, right after my last blog post, I had to get sinus surgery — a septoturbinoplasty. This put me out of work for awhile. I’ve always had issues with my allergies and sinuses, and never really had a day in my life without sinus pressure or pain. My left nostril was completely blocked.

    Well, I can now say that I can fully breathe through my nose now — especially after getting my splints out. I never felt so much air! I have still been feeling a bit of sinus pressure, but that is normal for the first few months following surgery. I go back next week for a follow-up, and hopefully everything is good so I don’t need to have anything else done. I would share the hilarious and somewhat disgusting photos of my mask, splints, etc., but figured it may be too much for the blog 🙂

  2. Etsy. I finally was able to dedicate time to my Etsy shop: MagicCatDesign. I offer graphic design services and various paper printables. I added some invitations and wall art, and I will be adding some more items very soon! I also created an Instagram account for the shop, and you can follow it at @MagicCatDesign. Below are some items available in the shop.


  3. My job. Several things have happened at my current job as a Journalist for the Bayonet & Saber newspaper on Fort Benning. First, two of our writers recently left — Noelle, who had been there for over a year, got a job in Savannah and Anna, who had been there about a year, just moved to Fort Drum, New York (where we are going soon!) Since they left we got two new writers, Danielle and Kellie, and they are great! So I’ve been busy with taking extra work as well as training. It is definitely exhausting, but lots of fun … I am happy to work with them! 🙂

    Second, one of my stories served as the lead story on www.army.mil for a few days! This was the first time one of my stories became top news. It was very exciting! You can read the story here: British and US troops collaborate in technology experiments.
    Third, another first for me was designing the layout for the newspaper. Check it out below! It could use some work for the next time, but I’m learning!


    Fourth, I had the pleasure of meeting Brigadier General Malcolm Frost, Chief of Public Affairs of the United States Army. Frost talked to Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course, Infantry Basic Officer Leaders Course and Maneuver Captains Career Course students about leadership and public affairs. He had a lot of great information! He explained how when sending the message of the Army to those outside the Army, it is important to talk about all the good the Army does for its Soldiers and families. He mentioned the misconceptions people have, such as it being a “last resort” for most Soldiers, and that the Army does not take care of families (but it very much does … more than any other employer, in my opinion.) He was an excellent speaker and really motivated all of us to help brand the Army. He also took some selfies with the Soldiers!


    Fifth (last by not least), I had the opportunity to attend another Ranger School graduation. I covered a story on a fourth generation Ranger — very cool experience! That story will be on the www.BayonetandSaber.com website soon. Below is a slideshow of some pictures I took at the graduation. You can view more at www.fortbenningphotos.com — a website that is always updated with the happenings around Fort Benning. Markeith and Patrick are great photographers!

  4. Creating an animal rescue business. I unfortunately can’t give too many details on this, but my friend, Sandy, and I are working on creating an organization that raises the awareness of animals in need. We still have a little while until we go live, but I’ll be sure to post updates as they come … stay tuned!
  5. Moving. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are soon moving to Fort Drum! Hours after work have been filled with trying to find places to live. Hopefully we find something soon!

Those are the updates on things that put a stop on my blogging lately. I hope to have more time to post with all that is going on!

In honor of Toby, always remember to keep your pets close. You never know when something can happen. I think of Toby and all my other pets every day, and the big impact they had on my life. It is a love like no other!

I hope everyone has a great Selection Sunday! Go Bonnies and Cuse!





Autumn is here!

The first day of fall began on September 23rd at 5:05 a.m. in the Northern hemisphere, suggests The Old Farmer’s Almanac. For those of you who live in the northeastern United States, you can certainly tell that fall time is here. At St. Bonaventure University we are surrounded by mountains and trees galore. For me, this is my favorite time of year to be on campus and look at the foliage in the scenery.

Devereux Hall at St. Bonaventure University.

But, what causes the leaves to change color? The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry website provides us with some simple explanations shown below.

Green Leaves in the Spring and Summer. In leaves’ cells there is a chemical called chlorophyll, which makes leaves green. Chlorophyll absorbs energy from the sunlight and is used to transform carbon dioxide and water to carbohydrates.

Fall causes the Chlorophyll to Break Down. Because of the change in sunlight and temperature, leaves are unable to continue their food-making process, making the green color turn into colors of yellow to orange.  However, other colors are formed if other chemical changes occur, such as mixtures of red, purple and brown. Some trees show many colors while others only one color such as oak trees that mostly show brown. The variety of colors is due to random mixing of chlorophyll residue and other pigments in the leaf during the fall.

Why do Leaves fall from the Tree? Where the stem of the leaf is connected to the tree, the layer of cells that develops eventually begins to detach from the tissues that support the leaf. A tree “seals the cut” so when a leaf has fallen off the tree or blows away, it leaves behind “a leaf scar.”

Some leaves do not fall. Some leaves stay on a tree until growth starts again in the spring, like the dead brown leaves from the oaks. Down South is where you can find broad-leaved trees are evergreen, which means the leaves keep their green color even in the mild winters. Most conifer trees (pines, spruces, firs, etc.) are evergreen in the North and the South. Because of their constant green needle-like leaves, it is easy for them to me around all year; while individual leaves can stay on for two to four years.

Weather Affects Color Intensity. Temperature, light, and water supply impact fall leaves’ degree and duration of color. The best time to sit outside and enjoy the fall colors would be on a clear, dry and cool day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have any fall pictures to share? What do you like most about fall? Feel free to share your stories and photos!