Deadly flooding in Utah

The current flooding in Utah is disastrous and has completely shocked the Hildale community. People have tried their best to escape the nasty floods, but most of them were just swept back in. It is so sad seeing neighborhoods being swept away, and to hear of people passing from this unfortunate event. The death toll is at 16 with four people missing. According to The Weather Channel, 150 people from county, state, and federal agencies, 500 community volunteers, and about a handful of search dogs are working search and rescue missions in Hildale and a close by down nearby, Colorado City. We can only hope that the death toll and missing persons reports do not get any higher.

If you have never experienced a flood or haven’t seen one on television, I would suggest watching the footage below provided by Virginia Black, a local resident. It is scary how fast the floods can develop and it can be so unpredictable and lead to fatal events, like this one. It’s important to remember that when floods are occurring that there are big chances of severe thunderstorms with extremely heavy rainfall periods, which may lead to more flash flooding.

ABC News: Dramatic Footage Captures Deadly Flash Flooding in Utah

Prepare yourself for flooding with these tips from FEMA.

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