Could 9/11 have been different if Hurricane Erin didn’t take a strange U-Turn on that morning?

We all remember where we were and what we were doing on the tragic day of 9/11. I was in seventh grade. I remember sitting in my ninth period Social Studies class, third row, second seat, when I found out. The afternoon announcements came on, and our principal said all after school activities were cancelled. The whole class was confused because the weather was so nice out. Why would sports be cancelled? I was also a swimmer, so I practiced inside and was even more confused of why I could not attend practice that afternoon.

After everyone shared their confused looks, our teacher told us what happened. He said two planes hit the World Trade Center towers. That was about all he said, but we knew more had to have happened by the look on his face.

The bell rang and everyone ran to their lockers to pack up and go home. On my way to my locker I overheard my friend’s mom, who is a French teacher in the school district, ask her “Julie, did you hear what happened?!” She pulled Julie to the side to tell her. I was still confused so I just packed up my stuff and went outside to my mom’s car and got inside. She finally told me everything that happened, including the falling of the towers, Flight 93, and the crash into the Pentagon. She also told me how many people were dying and injured. We both were crying.

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, I was looking up information on that day and found a YouTube video that said there was a hurricane very close to the coast, and it took a strange U-turn the morning of 9/11. If it hit the big city and its surroundings, could 9/11 have been different? Would flights have flown out? Would the city have evacuated people? You can decide what you believe after watching the video posted below.

I think, based on the NOAA radar maps, the hurricane was a possibility. It could have easily hit NYC and all the northeastern United States. The only tricky thing about this is – why did no news networks announce this prior to 9/11? If you compare it to the coverage of other hurricanes (as shown in the video) not much was said.

What do you think of this video?  Do you think it is true?  If so, do you think it could have made an impact?

3 comments on “Could 9/11 have been different if Hurricane Erin didn’t take a strange U-Turn on that morning?

  1. This was such a well thought out post, Vanessa. Interesting concept but unfortunately I don’t think things would have been different. It would be interesting as well to look deeper into this…

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