I had to share this picture that my best friend, Sarah, sent me this morning. She lives in Rome, NY (where I’m from) and when she went got to work this morning she saw this! It was -8 degrees Fahrenheit with a “feels like” temperature of -25!


West Coast Storm

As I always say, I am lucky to have family and friends that live all over the world! They all support my love for the weather and always send photos and videos to me when there is an extreme weather event in their area. My sister, Katrina, lives in Alviso, California and she sent me some pictures of the West Coast storm from her neighborhood. She couldn’t believe all the rain that accumulated and how much damage there was, especially because it almost never rains where she lives. Below is a slideshow of the photos she sent me… craziness!

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The damage from this storm was devastating. Click here to read about the homes that were horribly damaged by destructive debris. Hopefully a storm like this does not hit the West Coast again anytime soon. The poor state and its residents need a break!

Arctic Blast in Western New York

The snow came down hard last night in West Seneca, NY. My brave friend, Kelsey Wrzos, was so kind to me and went outside to take some pictures! Take a look at the crazy snow storm that hit her hometown!


I’ve been all over the place lately and haven’t had much time to update my blog! As all my family and friends know, I love shelter animals. My family and I have been rescuing dogs and cats for years. All of our pets either came from a shelter or were saved from a horrible situation. As a Central New York native, I did not realize how awful the dog and cat situations down south were. There are tons of high-kill shelters where most animals only have about a week to get out safely. Unfortunately, not many do make it out.

I work very closely with a few local rescues here in North Carolina. Our main focus is saving the animals at Harnett County animal shelter in Lillington, North Carolina. While helping the animals is very rewarding, it can also be very emotional. A few months ago I fostered a dog named Max through Operation Dog Tag, a rescue that I currently volunteer for. He was a hilarious and loving dog. We had him for about two weeks and then he was off to Casper Humane Society in Casper, Wyoming to find his forever home. Howls on Wheels transport met with other fosters and myself in Spring Lake, North Carolina to pick up all the foster dogs and get them settled into the van. They made stops in Indiana, Michigan, Wyoming, and Colorado. Below are some of the photos before Max went off to Wyoming! We miss him each and every day. He was one of the hardest dogs to leave us.

My sadness quickly turned into happiness when I found out a couple weeks later that Max was adopted! We were so happy. The Casper Humane Society let me get in touch with Max’s new owner who currently resides in Casper. The family is beyond thankful and happy that they now have Max. Just knowing that I changed a life for Max and a family makes fostering so well worth it.

Anyways, you’re probably wondering how this relates to the weather. Click here to see the video I received from Max’s new owner a couple weeks ago. They have snow in Casper already… and Max LOVES it! Check out this video – he is just so great!

If you are considering adding a new pet to your family… please adopt, don’t shop! If you don’t currently volunteer or work with a local rescue or shelter, I would highly consider it. The experience is very emotional but also VERY rewarding as you work to save so many lives!

Blue Ridge Parkway & Chimney Rock

The most beautiful fall drive I’ve ever experienced! I love fall. If you love fall just as much as I do, I suggest you visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. These pictures do not do justice to how amazing it truly is. My fiancé and I visited Asheville, North Carolina this past weekend and got to drive on it for a bit, but I would love to do the full 469-mile route in the future! Check out some of the photos I took below!

P.S. we got to see a bear, too! :)

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We also visited Chimney Rock State Park. On a clear day you can see the mountains and Lake Lure from the top of Chimney Rock. Unfortunately, it was a very foggy day so we couldn’t see much, but it was still pretty neat! After walking down Chimney Rock, we then walked on a trail to Hickory Nut Falls.

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Another Major Storm Hits the South… Winter Storm Pax!

This winter has been pretty intense for most of the USA this year. The south eastern parts of the country have seen very cold temperatures and a couple of snow storms, which is not a normal winter for southerners. Living in North Carolina for a over a year has been quite interesting. I’m from Rome, NY, so when southerners get nervous about winter weather, I usually think it’s nothing to worry about… until Winter Storm Pax arrived. I can honestly say that Winter Storm Pax was a dangerous storm and even people from up North would say the same! From getting an inch of snow an hour to almost two inches of solid ice on the roads, this storm was epic to say the least.

It was definitely an epic storm for Jim Cantore.  I tweeted him a picture of the icy roads here in Fayetteville, NC and he replied! This obviously made my day. I was so excited!

Jim Cantore replied to my tweet!

Jim Cantore replied to my tweet!

If you read my previous post about Winter Storm Leon occurring on the day before and day of Sable’s birthday, you will also want to know that Winter Storm Pax came around the time Sable had passed away. I think this is her way of saying everything will be okay! Also as I said before, I never get lucky to experience bad weather, and she is allowing me to do so!

Since I had two snow days in a row due to the weather, I had some time to capture some photos of the storm. Take a look below! You will also see my dogs, Toby and Scrappy, playing in the snow – Toby loves it as he is part husky, but Scrappy isn’t a fan of the cold!


Winter Storm Leon

Mike Seidel & I

Last week, Winter Storm Leon brought The Weather Channel to Fayetteville, NC! Since North Carolina isn’t used to the snow, many of the local businesses and schools were closed almost the whole week. Lucky for me, my business was closed, which gave me the opportunity to go downtown and watch Mike Seidel report the weather live! It was such a fun day and I feel so happy that I got to talk to Seidel and take a photo with him.

Another important fact about this day, January 29th, was that it was Sable’s birthday. Sable is my dog who passed away last February due to a long-term illness. The day she passed, North Carolina got snow… and it stuck! We had a few flurries here and there after that, but nothing too wild. Then, the week of Sable’s birthday, I saw on The Weather Channel that Winter Storm Leon was coming. I knew this was a sign that Sable was letting me know she is doing okay.

Everyone who knows me knows that I do not have good luck when it comes to storms. Most people would say I am lucky to never see a major storm, but I think differently. I would love to be around more storms! I have missed earthquakes, dust storms, hail storms, hurricanes, etc. I legitimately get upset when I miss out on all the weather action. So when I heard we were getting snow down here in NC, I knew this was Sable bringing the storm for me. Not only did she bring me the storm, but she gave me the opportunity to see Mike Seidel. What a great day! And a special thank you to my best friend, Sable – love and miss you always.

Sable was the happiest, craziest and best dog I've ever had. <3

Sable was the happiest, craziest and best dog I’ve ever had. <3