Beautiful Stormy Skies 

Fayetteville and other parts of central North Carolina had stormy weather tonight. Check out these gorgeous photos I took from my balcony!

It has been awhile since I have been able to write a lot on here. Life has been a little rough. We lost our angel of a dog, Toby. It was very unexpected as he had a lung lobe torsion which came quickly out of nowhere. He was about to go into surgery, but he went into cardiac arrest before they could do anything. They were unable to revive him. It was, and still is, such a shocking and terrible feeling. My fiancé is deployed so that has made it even harder. He couldn’t be there to say goodbye.

Toby was our first dog together. He was a rescue from a local shelter. He was abused by his previous owner and needed a lot of help. He had come such a long way and we miss him so much. Our other dog, Scrappy, has been very depressed. He misses his brother. We know it’ll never get easier to miss him; we have lost so many pets over the years. We can’t wait until we see our Toby again.

Toby really was an angel. Everyone knew that. Now Toby is up there giving us this beautiful sky tonight. We know he is looking down on us! We love you, Toby! 


HUGE Hail Stones!

Last night, there were several areas in central North Carolina who were hit with major thunderstorms. The hail that came down with theses storms was gigantic. Some reports said the hail stones were about the size of a golf ball, where others reported some as large as baseballs! The photo below was submitted to ABC11’s website by an eyewitness viewer.


The lightning and hail from these storms was quite the show. ABC11 Meteorologist Don “Big Weather” Schwenneker said there were over 1,000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the Cumberland and Harnett county areas around 6:00 a.m. this morning.

We will expect to see more storms tonight into tomorrow. Friday is shaping up to have some severe storms, too!

Click here to read more about these storms and see pictures of the dangerous hail that was reported.

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Huntington Beach Turns Into ‘Winter Wonderland’ as Hail Blankets Sand and Pier in Rare Sight

Originally posted on KTLA:

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The tail end of a storm that moved across Southern California over the weekend dropped a blanket of what appeared to be snow on the sand and pier in Huntington Beach Monday morning.

Pea-sized hail covered Huntington Beach Monday morning. (Credit: KTLA) Pea-sized hail covered Huntington Beach Monday morning. (Credit: KTLA)

The “winter wonderland” was in fact created by about a 1/2 inch of hail, the National Weather Service’s L.A. forecast office stated on Facebook. A tweet from the weather service in San Diego, which covers Orange County, said it was about 1 inch.

Other areas, including Long Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula, likewise reported hail. Photos on social media showed an unfamiliar layer of white across residential yards and streets — appearing at first glance like a dusting of snow.

“It’s rare — I really haven’t seen it before,” said teen Brenden Sallstrom in Huntington Beach. “You’ve got the snow and you’ve got the beach here, combined in…

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America The Beautiful (And Freezing)

Originally posted on CBS New York:

Much of the U.S. is currently facing bitterly cold temperatures from the Midwest to the South and all the way up to the Northeast.

In fact, many parts of the U.S. have already broken records for snowfall and below zero temperatures while other parts have seen unseasonably warm temperatures.

It all gives some credibility to the idea of ?Global Weirding,? a new word for the anomalies like extreme winter storms and droughts caused by climate change.

Looking across the U.S., ?Global Weirding? is definitely in full effect:



The most obvious case is in Boston, where this winter has left the city within a foot of reaching the snowiest winter in its history.

This winter alone has produced 95.7 inches of snow, 11.9 inches away from the 1995-96 record of 107.6 inches of snow. And with winter weather lasting for about another three to four weeks, breaking that…

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WATCH: Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Loses His Mind Over Thundersnow

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By Sarah Carroll

Our friends living on the East Coast may be sick and tired of all the snow, but Jim Cantore reacted like a kid on Christmas morning during one of the recent blizzards!

The Weather Channel meteorologist was caught on video going nuts during a rare thundersnow event in Massachusetts.

Thundersnow is a strange occurrence when a thunderstorm produces snow instead of rain.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! We got it baby!” Cantore exclaimed when the sky lit up in the middle of the night.

The clip has already racked up more than three million hits on YouTube and we can totally understand why…watch Cantore’s hilarious celebration above!

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Winter Storm Octavia

Winter Storm Octavia did not back down yesterday into today. Fayetteville, where I live, got approximately .29 inches of solid ice (for more snow and ice total reports, click here). Check out some pictures I took below to get a better idea of how much ice we really had. It took almost an hour for me to clear off my car!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another fact about Winter Storm Octavia is that this same exact day/weekend has brought winter weather to North Carolina for the past three straight years. The reason I know this is because my dog, Sable, passed away on February 16, 2013. It snowed here the day she died. Last year it snowed the same exact weekend. This year, yesterday and today, she has brought winter weather to us again. I truly think that is a sign she is looking out for me! I never get to experience this weather because I for some reason have bad luck with this – but she always makes it work the same weekend every year!

Unfortunately I did not blog about the first experience with this in 2013, but I do have a photo of the moment on my Instagram which you can see here. To read more about Sable and previous storms, click these links to go to my previous posts: Winter Storm Leon and Another Major Storm Hits the South… Winter Storm Pax!

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Sliding SUV in Virginia crash stops just inches from camera

Originally posted on KHON2:

[anvplayer video=”439787″ /]

A Virginia news crew encountered an extremely close call during Monday’s winter weather coverage.

Or at least its equipment did.

This video was taken by our sister station, WAVY News 10, in Hampton.

The camera was rolling live when an SUV careened out of control, crashed into another vehicle and came barreling to the side of the icy road, stopping inches away from the camera.

The station’s news reporter and photographer are okay. Turns out, they were in the live news truck parked nearby when the accident occurred.

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So. Much. Snow.

I went to Upstate New York this weekend for a quick home visit. I was amazed at how much snow there was! I know they have had a rough winter (not as bad as New England), but I had no idea until I saw it myself. You can see what I’m talking about in the picture below – this is downtown Syracuse right after the SU men’s basketball loss to Duke (so depressing).


The temperatures were insane! It felt like I was in Alaska. It was -13 degrees (it “felt like” -31) when my mom dropped me off at the Syracuse airport this morning.

Now that I’m back in North Carolina, I can only hope for some snowy and icy weather from Winter Storm Octavia